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Ideas for Contributors

What we can’t imagine, others will.

What do you imagine? Write us and share your ideas.

Tell your friends. Blog, tweet, face, blab, space and post information about India Music Week, Oct 7-13, 2013
Send us your URL if you’re in the biz. All URLs and full websites of participants will be preserved by the Internet Archive in San Francisco.

Contribute information about you.
What’s your URL? e-mail?
Send a discography by e-mail. It is becoming very difficult to find all the information necessary to correctly identify a sound recording through online resources. Make yourself immortal! Ideally, provide the following information in the following order: artist or band name / title of recording / record company / record company number / UPC number / year of release / format. You can send in Word as a tab or comma separated file, in excel or any database format.
Better yet, send ARC a copy of your recordings. We’ll catalog them and preserve them forever.

Record Companies
Provide press kits and info on your artists.
Send an electronic catalog of all your releases. Preferably as a word or excel document.

You could always send the recordings.

Libraries and Archives
Let us know about your collections. Size and scope, specialties and peculiarities. Send that URL.
Send metadata pertaining to music of India. Provide the following information in the following order: artist or band name / title of recording / record company / record company number / UPC number / year of release / format . Not possible? Then a MARK record? word, tab separated? Excel?

Academic Institutions
Musicologists send an essay or give a talk. Tell us about your area of expertise.
Music schools can stage a recital, performance or seminar.
Let’s hear from some Indian and South Asian Departments!

We would love to hear from any and all Cultural organizations.
Let your membership know about the project.
You could host a talk, a concert, or post info on your website.

Host a show. Host an entire WEEK devoted to Indian Music.

Host a show. Hire a band. Discount Indian beer!

AND – ARC is seeking Founding Partners, Donors and Friends to create India Music Week
and future Music weeks.

Founding Partners contribute $5,000 +
Donors $1000 – 2,500
Friends $50 – 500.

  • You can make a donation to ARC via Paypal to keep this site up and running.
    It’s simple and it helps us preserve this important collection.
  • You can also donate online via

ARC is also seeking Hospitality Partners for this and all future Music weeks – ie, flight and hotel help in India (2013), Scandinavia (2014), Cuba (2015), Louisiana (2016), 
China (2017) and then ???

There’s a press release every month, so let us know ASAP if you would like to be included.

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